Vytautas Miškinis


Director of the concert Echoes of Al-Andalus and the Baltic Sea (Cor Jove Nacional de Catalunya) – Wednesday July 31st at 21.00hAuditori de Girona

Buy your tickets here. Tickets 15€ – 10€

Vytautas Miškinis  is the Artistic Director of the Ažuoliukas Boys’ and Men Choir, Professor of Choral conducting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and President of the Lithuanian Choral Union Music..

For several years he conducted the Kaunas State Choir and Vocal Ensemble Museum Musicum. With the choirs he has won prestigious pries at numerous National and International competitions – in Marktoberdorf, Gorizia, Varna, Maribor, Tampere, Mainhausen, Nantes. Currently Mr.Miškinis is an Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the All-Lithuanian Choir Festival.

Vytautas Miškinis has led the choral performances in Austria, Byelorussia, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Ukraine and USA. A number of compositions for choir with Symphonic Orchestras have been conducted by Vytautas Miskinis.

He also lectured and held seminars on subject of Musical education and conducting in Lithuania and abroad – in the Czech Republic, Korea, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Ukraine etc. He has participated in numerous National and International choral events as composer and advisor. He also has led workshops in France, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Italy, Philippine, Singapore, Romania, USA, Latvia etc.  Mr.Miskinis worked as a member of Jury at International Choir and Choral Composition Competitions in Spain, Germany, UK, Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Philippine, Switzerland, Slovakia, Poland, France, Norway etc. Also Choir Olympics and World Choir Games in Austria, Korea, Germany, China, Austria, USA etc.

Vytautas Miškinis has composed aprox. 400 religious motets a’cappella, 18 Masses, Magnificat ,Cantatas, Musicals and aprox. 400 of secular songs , which are performed by choirs throughout Lithuania and the rest of Europe. Lithuanian and foreign choirs records his compositions to CD. A lot of compositions for choirs are published in Lithuania and a couple of religious also in France, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Latvia,  USA etc.

V. Miškinis several times was awarded by prestigious State and Govermental Prizes. In 2002 and 2008 as a composer was nominated and awarded by  the title “Author of the Year”.




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