Dolf Rabus

Sin título

1966-72: Studies in Architecture (Dipl. Ing.) in Munich

1972-74: Work as Architect

1974-78: Studies in Musicology, History of Arts; Teacher for Music and Mathematics, Organ, Singing, Conducting – in Freiburg

1978-80: Secretary General of the Lower Saxony Music Council, Hanover


Director of the 1st German National Choir Competition

Deputy Secretary General of the German Music Council Bonn


Founding Director of the Bavarian Music Academy Marktoberdorf

Founder and Conductor of Choirs and Orchestras

Since 1989: Founding Director of the International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf

Since 1992: Finding Director of the interreligious Festival Musica Sacra International

1995-2000: Secretary General of Europa Cantat (EC)


Member of Board, Member of Excom and Treasurer of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)

Member of Board of Musica International

Member of Jury in international and national Choir Competitions

Member of the Committee for the German National Choir Competition

Member of Board and Past President of the Choral Festival Network




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