Carlo Pavese


Conferences: “Discovering Mediterranean repertoire” – Tuesday July 30th at 16.00h. Faculty of Education and Psychology (Auditorium)

Round Table “Discovering Mediterranean repertoire” Thursday August 1st at 16.00hFaculty of Education and Psychology

Carlo Pavese is a musician from Turin, where he graduated in choral music and composition. On scholarship from the Associazione De Sono, he studied in Stockholm, from 1998 to 2001.

He founded and conducted the Torino Vocalensemble (2000-2012). He is the Director of Piccoli Cantori di Torino and the youth choir Coro G. He performs concerts all over Italy and across Europe, he has participated in international festivals and organized choral events. He’s frequently invited to give lectures in choral conducting, interpretation and choral improvisation.

Carlo Pavese has been the Artistic Manager of the Festival Europa Cantat XVIII, Torino 2012, and he’s at present 1st Vice-President of ECA-EC.




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