Wednesday July 31st

09.30h    Plenary Session III “Singing in the Islands” by Ignazio Macchiarella (Sicilia and Sardinia), Jaume Escandell (Ibiza), Francesc Vicens (Majorca) and Jordi Alsina (Crete) – Faculty of Education and Psychology.


11.00h   Coffee-break


11.15h    Plenary Session IV “Singing for saying, improvised chant”. Lecture by Josemi Sánchez (Valencia) and Jaume Ayats, musician and professor of ethnomusicology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and director of the Music Museum in Barcelona (Catalonia) – Faculty of Education and Psychology.


12.45h    Apperitive-concert: Cants de Feina de Mallorca – Auditorium of the Faculty of Education and Psychology

Free entrance


13.15h    Lunch


16.00h    Plenary Session V “Ressons de l’Al-Andalus(Echoes of Al-Andalus) by Xavier Puig (Catalonia) and Fethi Zghonda (Tunisia) – Faculty of Education and Psychology.


18.00h    Documentary screening: “Three religions around the Mediterranean Sea and their vocal expressions”, video documentations from the Festival Musica Sacra International, by Dolf Rabus (director del Festival Musica Sacra International de Marktoberdorf, Bavaria, Alemanya) – Faculty of Education and Psychology


18.00h    Fringe “Mediterranean Corner” – opened to the participants to present themselves


19.00h    Dinner


21.00h   Concert at Auditori de Girona

Ressons de l’Al-Andalus i mar Bàltic – Echoes of Al-Andalus and the Baltic Sea

Cor Jove Nacional de CatalunyaXavier Puig (Catalunya) i Vytautas Miskinis (Lituania), conductors

Buy your tickets here.

Tickets 15€ – 10€


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