Novi Sad Chamber Choir

Concert: Tuesday July 30th, at 21.00h, Centre Cultural La Mercè. Tickets: 15-10€

Buy your tickets here.

The Novi Sad Chamber Choir is made by the students of the Department of Music of Academy of Arts Novi Sad and experienced church singers. The choir’s current repertoire consists of Serbian, Russian and Bulgarian spiritual vocal music of the 18th, 19th and 20 centuries, compositions from the older tradition – Byzantine, Serbian medieval and later monophonic, as well as Russian polyphonic music of the 17th century and works of modern church composers (J. Tavener, A. Part, I. Moody, A. Schnnitke, R. Watson, P. Aston…).  Along with cultivating all forms of Orthodox and Christian church music, the choir is trying to stimulate active Serbian composers to revive this musical genre by new works. In 2006 the choir made a world-premiere performance of the “Seven Hymns of St. Sava” by Ivan Moody (1964), as well as the “Hymn to St. Nikolas” (2009) by the same composer.




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