La Nova Euterpe

Concert: Thursday August 1st, at 21.00h. Centre Cultural La Mercè. Tickets: 15-10€

Buy your ticket here.

In recent years the only men choirs are not take into account, and less if they sing without instrumental accompaniment. La Nova Euterpe began to sing in late 1996 with a repertoire that ranges from Easter polyphony, to bold ballads, party songs, carlist song and so on. The choir want to have some fun and – above all – to revive the way to sing without singing techniques.

The four components of La Nova Euterpe come from a strong musical background and they all have important activities and responsibilities in different areas of the music world. The harmonization are made by the group leader, Jaume Ayats, from different popular polyphonic models gathered in the Mediterranean and their own research on folk songs in their country.

La Nova Euterpe has performed all over Catalonia, France, Italy and Crete participating in the  main international festivals. They recorded for the national Catalan TV (TV3) and also collaborated with other artists and bands of ancient music and popular as Toni Rossell, James Arnella, Solistes de la costa, i Marta Carrasco. Currently, they have recorded two CDs: Va anar a fer cuieres and The deploable history of the catalans.

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