Fayha Choir


Concert: Monday July 29th, at 21.00h, Centre Cultural La Mercè. Tickets: 15-10€

Buy your ticket here.

The Fayha Choir, established since 2003, and conducted ever since by Maestro Barkey Taslakian, is sponsored by Safadi Foundation and Azm & Saada association. It supports the choir financially and morally, which helps it to improve and perform at its best, locally or internationally.

The choir is mixed, composed of nearly 40 members, from Tripoli and suburbs citizens, who represent the Lebanese population with all its religions, social, political, economical affiliations, aged from 15 to 50years old.

The choir’s repertoire includes Arabic (Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Bedwin, Gulf, Andaloussi…), oriental, as well as French, English, Latin, Armenian and other songs. This diversity reflects the choir’s openness to the human heritage.

The Choir aim to:

  • Develop and spread the Arabic Music, and show its importance and richness.
  • Show the real civilized image of Lebanon and Arab countries.

The choir has to his credits many concerts, among them:

  • Concerts all over Lebanon.
  • Opening of “Les Jeux de la Francophonie”.
  • Opening of “Beirut World Book Capital”.
  • Poland: Krakaw, Lodz and Warsaw where the Fayha choir won 2 first prizes at the “International Warsaw Choir Festival 2007: Best choir & Best conductor. The choir had previously won the 2nd prize at that same festival in 2005.
  • Abu Dhabi (Cultural Forum in Arabic Music Festival), Armenia, Nagorni Gharapagh, Egypt (Opera), Tunisia (2008 and 2009), Jordan (Petra), Syria, France (Festival Nancy Voix du Monde, Institut du Monde Arabe/ Paris), Canada (Festival du Monde Arabe, Place des Arts/ Montreal), China (Expo Shang Hai 2010 representing Lebanon), Qatar (Festival Souk Wakef), Cyprus…

Today Fayha Choir is officially member of “International Federation for Choral Music” (IFCM), and European Choral Association – Europa Cantat


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