Coral Juvenil de Palma


Concerts: Monday July 29th, at 19.30h, at Patio of Casa Carles (Bisbat de Girona, Plaça del Vi, 2). Free entrance.

Cant de la Sibil·la: Tuesday July 30th, at 12.45h, at the lecture hall of Faculty of Arts UdG. Free entrance.

The choir was founded in October 2006 under another name, but during 2008/09 it became Coral Juvenil de Palma.

Choir composed of young people from different parts of the city of Palma de Mallorca with a common goal of enjoying singing a variedworks. From classics to modern with or without piano accompaniment.

In its few years of existence, it has already offered a variety of concerts, including the Corpus concert in Palma, in Soller next to Les Choristes, voice music and dance collaboration with the L’Olivar Foundation. It has also participated in the Fauré Requiem and usually operates in several acts of the City Council of Palma. Also emphasise that it took part in the 2011 Spring Festival.

A small family based on choir.

The choir director is Juan Rosselló Nadal.




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