Cor Jove Nacional de Catalunya


Concert: Wednesday, July 31st at 21.00h at Auditori de Girona. Buy your tickets here.

The Cor Jove Nacional de Catalunya (National Youth Choir of Catalonia, CJNC) was created with the intention of giving our country a necessary tool for choral singing standardisation. CJNC aims to offer young choral singing students and choir singers the opportunity to work at the highest level with the best national and international conductors as part of a highly educational project; it also aims to give the country a model to help choir practice get more prestige among young people and the elderly. It pretends to be an inspiration for the choirs in Catalonia and to contribute to the positioning of the choir as an artistic manifestation at the highest level.

The new national formation is composed of 32 singers from 18 to 28 years old from all over the Catalan region and selected after an audition process.  After an intense week of rehearsals in Vic, the CJNC presents in Girona a unique work.  The concert consists of two parts, the first part a cappella Baltic music led by the Lithuanian composer and conductor Vytautas Miskinis;in the second part they will play Ressons de l’Al-Andalus, a selection of traditional Catalan songs influenced by Arabic music and harmonized by living composers (Feliu Gasull, Xavier Puig i Josep Lluís Guzmán-Antich) with instrumental accompaniment. The second part will be directed by the Catalan conductor Xavier Puig.

The CJNC is an initiative of the Catalan Choral Singing Confederation (Confederació Coral Catalana) and some youth choirs of Catalonia with the collaboration of the Catalan Association of Teachers of Singing, ESMUC, Liceu conservatory, the Cantat Week in Vic, and it is supported by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.




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