Cor Claudefaula

Cor Claudefaula at Cantemus Festival, Niyíregyházy (Hungary), where won the silver medal.

Concerts: Monday July 29th, at 19.30h, at Patio of Diputació de Girona. Free entrance.

Monday July 29th, at 21.00h, Centre Cultural La Mercè. Tickets: 15-10€

Buy your tickets here.

The choir at school Claudefaula is set in five groups; begins as the children begin to learn music and is divided into five different groups, but only the youth group takes part in the Festival.

The youth group  works outside the choral music theory class on Friday in a two-hour session. It covers ages 10 to 17 years old, like it is established in many parts of Europe.

The intense activity of this group, the musical awards achieved in different competitions, in Catalonia and abroad, make the group work harder out of the regular sessions, so it takes an intensive of five-hour lessons once a month, with some short breaks. The group often travels around Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

The choir director is Quim Bonal.

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