Moviment Coral Català

The Moviment Coral Català (Catalan Choral Umbrella Organization – MCC) is the confederation that since 1995 brings together different choral federations of Catalonia (nowadays the members of the MCC are: Corals Joves de Catalunya, Federació Catalana de Pueri Cantores, Federació de Cors de Clavé, Secretariat de Corals Infantils de Catalunya, Federació de Cors de Clavé de la Catalunya Nord, Agrupació Coral de les Comarques Gironines  and the Associació Musical de Mestres Directors as an associated member). MCC represents more than 700 choirs and about 30,000 choral singers geographically dispersed throughout the Catalan territory.

MCC coordinates the activity of all the federations and ensures the representativeness of the choral chant at national and international level and organizations.

After the organization of the XV Festival Europa Cantat in Barcelona in 2003, MCC promted the establishment of the Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing (MOCS) which is one of the regional offices of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat. Currently, this initiative is dynamic and a growing reality.

More information at:

Moviment Coral Català



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