It’s in your interest…

MEDITERRANEAN VOICES is in your interest…

… If you are a choir conductor: it will be a unique opportunity to discover and learn new ways of singing by the best choirs and soloists, new repertoires by the best composers and new ways of working by the best conductors of the Mediterranean area.

… If you are a composer: it will be a unique opportunity to present your work, your methods and strategies while working on folk music, to learn new techniques and new ways to treat the choir and the voice as an instrument, to discover new colors and tunes and to learn new instrumental and old technical resources hidden behind seemingly simple folk musical forms. Mediterranean Voices will be a meeting point for sharing and exchanging ideas and resources between the participating composers.

… If you are a choir or vocal group: it will be a perfect setting to present your productions and programs based on folk music from every perspective, to promote your group and your heritage, to work with conductors and composers from all over the Mediterranean area and to live four unforgettable days in Girona with artists like you.

… If you are a musicologist: it will be four days to share the result of your studies and work with other musicologists, musicians, conductors and composers. Moreover, you will learn from other assistants thanks to the rich diversity of activities and people. Mediterranean Voices will be a meeting point for sharing and exchanging experiences and resources between the participating musicologists.

… If you are a college student: it will be a world of learning through the best speakers and the best performances. Mediterranean Voices will give you the opportunity to meet people like you from across the Mediterranean. Moreover, with your attendance you will get college credit.


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