Mediterranean Voices Conference


After Voices of the Baltics in Tallinn in 2007 and Voices of South-Africa in Stellenbosch in 2009, this coming 2013 MEDITERRANEAN VOICES will be coming to Girona.

For 4 days, Girona will host musicians, musicologists, composers, conductors and choral singers from different countries in the northern and southern Mediterranean area. They will offer us an overview of the various vocal and choral traditions of the Mare Nostrum.

Thanks to a program made up of 7 concerts, documentaries screening, exhibitions and more than 12 conferences, panels and workshops, visitors will enjoy artists (composers, soloists, choirs and vocal groups) from more than 10 countries.

Session after session, concert after concert, we will discover the rich and diverse forms of collective singing from the Mediterranean Sea: from cante jondo of Andalusia to the call to pray of Istanbul, from the Sephardic songs to the Sardinian vocal groups and to the most intimate forms of familiar songs (lullabies) as well as the extroverted vocal demonstrations.

Mediterranean Voices is a unique festival and conference. It will be an opportunity for people culturally anxious to discover new worlds and new voices. It will be the perfect time to enjoy learning from conductors, musicologists, composers, singers, musicians, students and music and culture lovers.



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